Rethink your career.

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    What makes a Rethinker?

    • Rethinkers are people you want to be with, hang with, and work with. And that’s because they come across as genuine, welcoming, interested, AND interesting. They act as humans, not as their role, position, or title. They model everything they do, authentically, equitably, and respectfully.

    • You know what else? They never settle. They have a visceral discomfort with the status quo. And because of that they are continuously learning and growing, and are enthusiastically ambitious to make things better. They are fearless in that pursuit.

    • Rethinkers are contributors. They act like Rethink is their agency, so they act with agency in their passion and enthusiasm to do what it takes to create their best work.

    • A Rethinker is fulfilled and motivated by working with others, be it colleagues, agency partners, or clients. They want to collaborate and create at the highest level.

    If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet!