Kraft Heinz

Heinz Draw Ketchup

We anonymously asked people around the world to draw ketchup. They all drew Heinz.

We conducted an experiment with participants across five continents, in anonymous focus groups, on international video calls, and with man-on-the-street surveys. They were all given a simple task: draw ketchup. The result? They all drew the same thing: Heinz.

Their drawings were used for a global out-of-home campaign. In-store Heinz bottles had their iconic label swapped for participants’ drawings. No matter how messy the drawings were, they were unmistakably Heinz.

“A celebration of brand love.”

- Bloomberg

Children's drawing of a Heinz ketchup bottle.
Heinz draw ketchup billboard.
Heinz ketchup bottles on the shelf.
Heinz draw ketchup billboard
Heinz advertisement in a newspaper.
Heinz advertisement in a newspaper.

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